In 2017, the Cairns LGBT+ community celebrated probably the most momentous day in our history.

There have been other momentous days.

On 28th November 1990, the Goss Government decriminalised adult male consenting same-sex acts, but at the time, as a criminalised and persecuted community, we were not ready to celebrate.

In 2017 we were ready to celebrate!!!

Cairns Tropical Pride organised YES Live.

Naysayers questioned the wisdom of holding the party.

What if we were to lose the vote?


We weren't going to lose!!!


On Wednesday 15th November 2018 people from the entire spectrum of our colourful and diverse community came out en masse to celebrate from early morning until late at night, starting at Paradiso Cairns, moving to Munro Martin Parklands and finally the Laneway Party at The Conservatory Bar.

That event will now be chronicled in the first ever LGBT+ collection in the Cairns Museum.

And in 2018, we are reliving that momentous day.


5.30 PM, Sunday 14th October

The Conservatory Bar


Cairns Tropical Pride