In cherished memory of those lost too soon.

Life is tough. It holds challenges for everyone.


People from marginalised communities face extra challenges - completely unnecessary challenges imposed on them by inequality before the law and by the prejudice and discrimination they encounter on a daily basis.

It's hardly surprising that when Gloria Gaynor sang, " I've got all my life to live, and I've got all my love to give, and I'll survive. I will survive." our community claimed the song as an anthem.

Join us at QuAC as our community elders share stories of survival - of challenges they faced and overcame.

Funny stories.

Sad stories.

Some may bring a tear to your eye.

But all will be uplifting.

There will also be information on services and assistance available because we want every single member of our community to always have somewhere to turn.

There'll be a free BBQ -we bought a BBQ so there'll be a BBQ whether you want one or not ;) and there'll be bottled water. If you'd like something else to drink please BYO.

And if you are lesbian, trans*, gay, indigenous, migrant or any other member of our community and have a compelling, interesting, funny, sad or any form of 6 minute story about a challenge you faced in life and overcame, please contact us to tell your story on the night.

A QuAC Event. Proudly supported by FNQ Magazine and Cairns Tropical Pride.