Lifetime Achievement

There is no way to quantify the difference volunteers make to our community but a difference they certainly do make. Our Tropical North Queensland LGBT+ community was built by volunteers. Commercial ventures made some contribution but the bulk of the burden has always been born by people selflessly giving to their community. Ian Byford wrote in Passing Glances: A History of Gay Cairns, "Believing in your community and helping it grow for everyone's benefit, including your own, is its own reward." Each year Cairns Tropical Pride honours the people who have made a particular contribution to our community. Past Honorees are:

Lifetime Achievement.

Ted Kelk (deceased)

Pat O'Hara (deceased)

Rex Masters (deceased)

David Bradford

Mark Mills

Ian Byford


Kevin Scott

Bert Gerbrands

Nick Connor

Bill Chappelle

Community heroes awards

Cairns LGBT+ Community Heroes Awards

​1.50pm pride fair day